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Support of the Calculation of Carbon Footprints:

A growing number of companies calculate their carbon footprint according to an also ever increasing number of international standards like those from the GHG Protocol Initiative, the ISO, the CEN and others. Among other reasons they do this in order to make informed decisions on emission reduction strategies and to inform their clients.

We offer our clients support in all questions related to the calculation of their carbon footprint:

  • Does calculating a carbon footprint make sense for my company and my products or services?

  • Which standard is most appropriate for my company or product?

  • What information/data are need to calculate a carbon footprint?

  • Where do I find appropriate emission factors?

  • What carbon emissions are related with the production and/or use of my product or service?

  • How to design the organisational processes around the calculation of carbon footprint in an auditable way?


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