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Support of the Voluntary Compensation of Carbon Emissions:

An increasing number of companies offers their clients to conduct the manufacturing of their products and services or the use there-of  "climate-neutral". This means in quintessence, that the carbon emissions related to the production or the service are compensated by abatement projects elsewhere. Voluntary compensation offers unique selling points and helps developing a "green" image in public.

We offer our clients support in all questions related to voluntary compensation projects:

  • Does voluntary compensation make sense for my product or service?

  • What carbon emissions are related with the production and/or use of my product or service?

  • Is it better to purchase allowances on the market or to invest directly in abatement projects?

  • Which criteria are used to choose the right abatement project for compensation?

  • Where to find either allowances or abatement projects?

  • What total costs are associated with different compensation projects?

  • How is voluntary compensation best  integrated in a marketing strategy?

  • How to design the organisational processes around the voluntary compensation in an auditable way?


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